St. Joseph Announcements

Pledging Households: 34
Amount Needed: $470,000
Amount Pledged: $228,940
Amount Received: $49,014

CAMPAIGN NEWS: We’re almost halfway on pledges with 34 households contributing toward Phase One of our expansion project – join up! We are hoping for 100% participation in our Growing in Faith campaign! Let's build our narthex and expand our parking lot! May God grant you and yours many years!

BISHOP BASIL will be serving Great Vespers & Hierarchical Liturgy at St. Joseph, November 4-5th. Please be present to welcome His Grace! Have you heard about the Wine, Mac & Cheese Bar?

WINE, MAC & CHEESE BAR: Saturday November 4th, Adults $20, children 9-13 $10, 2-8 $5 with a cap on family price at $60. Sponsorship levels available and will be announced later. Tickets will be on sale following liturgy in the fellowship hall. Proceeds benefit our Growing in Faith building campaign.

LIFE LINE SCREENING returns to St. Joseph on Tuesday, November 14th! To register & receive a $10 discount off any package priced above $129, call 1-888-653-6441 or visit, or text the word “circle” to 797979.

PROSPHORA BAKING LESSONS: If you are interested in learning how to make holy bread and own a stand-alone mixer with a dough hook, please call for a lesson in your own home! Pamela Smallwood is making house calls until her home is restored with a functioning kitchen. She will bring all of the necessary ingredients and stand next to you for a hands-on baking lesson. No cooking or baking experience necessary, just a mixer and a working oven. Call her to set up an appointment.

VOLUNTEERS FOR HOLY BREAD NEEDED: If you are interested in volunteering to bake holy bread, please sign up in the member section of the church website. There, you will find information such as quantity needed, instructions, and the recipe. Please contact Jessica Ruiz, the church secretary, if you need assistance signing up. The bread you bake with your hands becomes the Body of Christ. What a beautiful gift you present to the Lord!

THE NATIVITY FAST begins Wednesday, November 15th and continues through Sunday, December 24th. This Fast is divided into two periods:  November 15th through December 19th when the traditional fasting discipline (no meat, poultry, eggs, dairy, fish, wine, and olive oil) is observed on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, with katalysis for wine and olive oil (some also permit fish) on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and for fish, wine, and olive oil on Saturdays and Sundays. From the Forefeast, December 20th through 24th, the traditional fasting discipline is observed Monday through Friday, with katalysis for wine and olive oil on Saturday and Sunday.

2017 MEMBERSHIP FORMS available in the Hall or online PDF.  A new form must be on file each year for members to be in good standing.  Our General Fund, which pays the operating expenses of the parish, does not receive money from the archdiocese, festivals, dances, or galas. The members of St. Joseph Church are the sole source of parish income. Occasional fundraising events are for non-budgeted items, building projects, or special ministries. The work and ministry of St. Joseph Church is made possible by tithing and pledging members.  May God bless your generosity!

BURIAL: St. Joseph is one of the contributing parishes making possible an Orthodox Cemetery in Houston; we have a section reserved for Orthodox Christians at Forest Park, Westheimer.  Please help sustain this ministry by making your arrangements in advance; see Fr. Joseph for information.   May God rest the souls of our faithful departed – and grant you and yours long life!

KROGER: If you have a rewards card with Kroger, please add St. Joseph's to your rewards program through the online community rewards!  This can only be done at Thank you!

DEADLINES: The deadline for Tuesday’s eBlast is Monday, Noon; the deadline for the Sunday bulletin is Tuesday, Noon.

FEEDING THE HUNGRY: Please continue to bring in your gifts of non-perishable food for the hungry in our community; place your gifts in the cabinet in the Parish Hall.

Please pray for:

With Child: Hope Bartel, Dina Thompson, Hanna Hauser
Homecare/Facility: Jean Kean, Joe & Sophie Krill, Nicolae Maxim
Health & Well Being: Herman Engelhardt; Irene, John & Michael Fedikovich; Michel Nahhal, Henk Smit, Debbie Monk, Robin Rude, Tiffani Clark, Irina Shoshitaishvili, Anthony Impastato, Emily w/child, Rachael w/child, Jessica w/child, David Driver, George Mims, Melvin Marx, Mac Perkins, Matushka Myra, Katarina, Cassandra, Bob & Gayle Born, Jason & Whitney Wandel, Yusra Zanayad, Marilena, Carolyn Hoggatt, George Jones, Ella McKiernin, Jack Ghekiere, Jeff Anderson, Georgia Gerkey
Comfort: Met Paul, Abp John & those suffering in Syria; Andy Ghiz & family; Jessica Covington & family; Shannon Walker & family; Casey Keutzer & family; Mikal Maxim & family
Active Military: George Norton, Jeremiah Herron
Supported Missions/Ministries: The Saint Constantine School; Floyd & Ancuta Frantz/Romania; Metropolitan Saba & the Archdiocese of Bosra-Hauran/Syria; the MacDonald Family/Albania; Orthodox Christian Prison Ministry; our Church School & College Students
Inquirers: Ezekiel Canell, Ashlyn Loftus, Candice Vaughn, India Anderson
Traveling: Martha Kinn (10/26)
Departed: Bishop Antoun (10/2); Michael Ghiz (Andy’s uncle, 10/2), Dalton Thomas (Shannon Walker’s grandfather, 9/30), Christopher Givens (Jessica Covington’s brother, 9/24), Percy Allison (Casey’s uncle, 9/23), Issa Zanayad (9/14), Veronica Koziar (9/9), Mikal Hasan (Mikal’s father, 9/7), Gloria Kevorkian (9/6)

If you are currently a member of St. Joseph and would like to add an announcement to the bulletin and website, please .

Last Updated on 10/15/17