St. Joseph Announcements

Pledging Households: 13
Amount Needed: $470,000
Amount Pledged: $131,120
Amount Received: $16,236

BUILDING & PARKING LOT EXPANSION: In order to move forward with our Growing in Faith campaign, the Archdiocese has asked for a list of current campaign totals and donors. If you have yet to turn in your pledge, please do so this week! Campaign Pledge Forms are available in the hall foyer. Glory to God for all things!

BIBLE BOWL: Practice for this year’s PLC competition (Gospel of Mark) will begin today in Fr. Meletios’s (soon to be transformed) office next to the bookstore. Chairs will be set up in the office room for all junior, teen, and adult bible bowl participants. Practice will take place during church school.


FOOD FOR HUNGRY PEOPLE COIN BOXES: If you participated in the FFHP campaign during Lent, please bring your full coin boxes to the church. A return drop box is in the hall foyer. Thanks again for your care and alms giving!

PASCHA OFFERING: It is a pious custom to make a special donation to the church during the Paschal Season in thanksgiving for the Resurrection. Humble & hearty thanks to you and yours for your gifts – May the Lord bless!

DAY OF REJOICING: The annual commemoration of the departed is observed on the second Tuesday of Pascha, April 25th. The service will be offered by the Southeast Texas Clergy Association at Forest Park Westheimer 12800 Westheimer Road, 77077. We will gather in the Orthodox section of the cemetery around 1:30, with the Trisagion for the Departed to commence no later than 2PM. Your prayers and presence coveted.

FILM SCREENING: In Defense of Christians​ ​is hosting a special screening of the documentary Our Last Stand at St. George Church on Thursday, April 27th at 7PM. Our Last Stand is a film about one woman’s journey to reveal the plight of Christians in Iraq and Syria. Please invite friends, family, & co-workers for this free event ($10 donation suggested). Click here to RSVP.

2017 MEMBERSHIP FORMS available in the Hall or online PDF.  A new form must be on file each year for members to be in good standing.  Our General Fund, which pays the operating expenses of the parish, does not receive money from the archdiocese, festivals, dances, or galas. The members of St. Joseph Church are the sole source of parish income. Occasional fundraising events are for non-budgeted items, building projects or special ministries. The work and ministry of St. Joseph Church is made possible by tithing and pledging members.  May God bless your generosity!

2017 DOWAMA Parish Life Conference: June 7th-10th, hosted by St. Anthony/Spring, TX.

53RD BIENNIAL ANTIOCHIAN ARCHDIOCESE CONVENTION: The buzz continues with great excitement as the 2017 Archdiocese Convention approaches! Visit Convention website at

BURIAL: St. Joseph is one of the contributing parishes making possible an Orthodox Cemetery in Houston; we have a section reserved for Orthodox Christians at Forest Park, Westheimer.  Please help sustain this ministry by making your arrangements in advance; see Fr. Joseph for information.   May God rest the souls of our faithful departed – and grant you and yours long life!

KROGER: If you have a rewards card with Kroger, please add St. Joseph's to your rewards program through the online community rewards!  This can only be done at Thank you!

DEADLINES: The deadline for Tuesday’s eBlast is Monday, Noon; the deadline for the Sunday bulletin is Tuesday, Noon.

FEEDING THE HUNGRY: Please continue to bring in your gifts of non-perishable food for the hungry in our community; place your gifts in the cabinet in the Parish Hall.

Please pray for:

With Child: Beth Ann Papas, Ashley Trlica, Giselle Perez
Homecare/Facility: Jean Kean, Joe & Sophie Krill, Nicolae Maxim
Health & Well Being: Herman Engelhardt, Irene, John, and Michael Fedikovich, Stephen & Marilyn Romoga, Christopher Ghekiere, Michel Nahhal, Mikal Hasan, Henk Smit, Jason & Whitney Wandel, Issa & Kamra Zanayad, Yusra Zanayad, Joy Browne, Melba Moses, Wanda Walker, Barbara Kinn, Mac & Shirley Perkins, Ekaterina (Aleko’s daughter), Brandon, Photini, Debbie Monk, Tyler Benton, Judie Geil, Robin Rude, Kimberly & Nicholas, Melvin & Georgia Marx, Ursula Dickerson, Cheri Muegge, Nicole Voitle, Lisa Ramey, Xenophon Koninis, James & Heidi Coody, Tiffani Clark & family, Irina Shoshitaishvili, Shirley Burns, George Pittas, Deborah Wallis, Anthony Impastato
Comfort: Met Paul, Abp John & those suffering in Syria; Cynthia Bassett & family; Valerie Grega & family; Diocesan Protopslatis Sameer Cohlmia & his brother, George
Active Military: George Norton, Josh Hellerich
Supported Missions/Ministries: The Saint Constantine School; Floyd & Ancuta Frantz/Romania; Metropolitan Saba & the Archdiocese of Bosra-Hauran/Syria; the MacDonald Family/Albania; Orthodox Christian Prison Ministry; our Church School & College Students
Newly Illumined: Jarrod “Macarius” & Ashley “Elizabeth” Trlica; Donald & Logan “Luke” Martin; Yvonne “Photini”, Alondra “Xenia”, and Wilhelm “Michael” Licht; Mari “Elizabeth” Herron, Cesar “Michael” Puente, Nicole Yates
Departed: Alonzo Meadows (4/18), Chafica Chamoun-Cohlmia (4/14); Rachael Marie Mims Talbert (4/8), Metropolitan Elia (4/1), LaSeema Malerelis (Cindy Bassett's mother, 3/23), George Grega (Valerie’s husband, 3/22), Leo Janda (3/16)

If you are currently a member of St. Joseph and would like to add an announcement to the bulletin and website, please .

Last Updated on 4/23/17